Local Hobos Snub Chris Daly's Bar

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Yet another reason for Chris Daly to get it on like Donkey Kong: The fellows carrying on day and night outside his bar seem to be getting their drinks from somewhere other than Buck Tavern.

Videographer Photorikki posted this video showing two fellows who spend their days at a darkened part of Stevenson Street behind the 1655 Market St. bar. There, Photorikki writes: "They get drunk, get loud, and want to involve everyone in their drama."

About 45 seconds into the video, one of the men carefully hides four, 24-ounce cans while a police cruiser passes. We don't mind the sneaking -- although it does seem ironic in light of the "no lies told on city sidewalks" measure Daly proposed in April, which would have made it illegal to tell lies on city sidewalks. It was his irreverent way of opposing former mayor Gavin Newsom's measure to ban sitting and lying on city sidewalks.

But it seems pretty uncool to get hammered off store-bought alcohol when beer and liquor are available at a nearby bar owned by a dedicated public servant like Daly, who is also known for hosting office cocktail parties to raise money for the homeless.

Boys, it's time to give back.

Hey, wait a second: those aren't Buck Tavern drinks.

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h. brown
h. brown


You feeling left out big boy? The inconsistency of your work is staggering. One week you do a spot-on investigative piece aimed at expose' and reform and then you turn around and do something like this. Totally irrelevant, petty and vindictive.

The film on the other hand is quite good. Nothing to do with Daly, but very good. Was it shot from your apartment? If so, I give you an 'F' on the essay which is just sloppy and an 'A' on the video.

Daly's Dive tonite ... 8pm'ish?

Go Giants!



Speaking of which, I hope his bar has a Donkey Kong machine.

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