Drunk Man Passes Out at Restaurant and Refuses to Leave

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Another drunk idiot
This is exactly why bartenders should cut some patrons off. A drunk man passed out at a restaurant in the Richmond District last week after boozing for too long -- and wouldn't get up.

At about 11:35 p.m., when the restaurant was already closed, an employee saw a man sleeping at one of the tables. She tried to wake the man and get him to leave, but he told her to leave him alone, he was trying to sleep.

The employee finally called San Francisco police who came to restaurant and tried to wake the 26-year-old man themselves.

When officers shook the drunk man, he became verbally abusive, according to police reports. The officer tried again to wake the man, and this time he got up, stumbled around, and came at the officer with his fists balled up, ready to fight when, clearly, he wouldn't stand a chance.

The man threatened the officer and the officer pushed the man back. He stumbled to the floor and fell back to sleep again, according to police reports.

The officer finally got the man up, and was walking him out when he foolishly tried to pick another fight with the officer, police said. After a small struggle, the officer arrested the man, who was slapped with public intoxication and resisting arrest charges as well as a violent hangover.

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