Chris Daly Will Be Remembered as an Asshole And a Hippie, In That Order

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Donkey Kong Wannabe
Supervisor Chris Daly's Wednesday night roast at the Independent encompassed everything Chris Daly is -- entertaining and overly indulgent.

But it was the perfect way to send off the prolifically profane supervisor, who is at this point is just plain unelectable. 

His friends, foes and Supervisor David Chiu filled the room to give Daly a proper goodbye, which included pegging him as a complete asshole, a baby daddy, and a dirty hippie.

"I'm not saying Chris is an asshole, because that goes without saying," said Aaron Peskin, former president of the Board of Supervisors. "But you know you have a personality problem if Aaron Peskin tells you to dial it back."

Good point.

It cannot be ignored that Daly's $20-per-person event was to help charity. All proceeds will benefit St. James Infirmary, which provides healthcare for sex workers. And don't think people didn't riff off that. A dildo was brought on stage. 

Of course the night wasn't complete without many, many references (and even T-shirts made)  to the quote that's boosted Daly's popularity to epic proportions: It's on Like Donkey Kong.

"That's replaced 'don't touch my junk,'" said Carolyn Tyler, anchor for ABC7.  

And when a slightly boozed Daly took to the stage, his unsavory antics reached a whole new level.

"The only politician who gets more black cock than Mark Leno is Ed Jew," Daly said. 

And then someone struck the gong.  

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Is "struck the gong" slang for something?


Reference to the everybody's favorite 70's coke fueled variety show: The Gong Show


Oh good. I was afraid it was something ... racist.


And adorable...!! Don't forget adorable! He is one of the dreamiest hippie assholes this city has had the pleasure of being represented by...


Just call him a Dookie. It sums up elitist, asshole, hippie, and a few others in a single word. Good people don't go to Duke.


That Ed Jew joke is funny! He's probably getting some kind of relief in federal prison.

Oh Chris, I'll miss the F words on SFGOVTV. Can someone make a compilation all his antics and post it on YouTube?

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