Charles Harrison, Gunned Down in Tenderloin, Is City's Second Murder Victim

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The San Francisco Medical Examiner's office has released the identity of the second of three men murdered in the first weekend of 2011: Charles Harrison, a 41-year-old San Franciscan.

Harrison was gunned down in front of the New Century Theater on Larkin near O'Farrell after he quarreled with another man, according to the San Francisco Police Department. When he turned to walk away from the suspect, he was shot twice in the torso. The shooter is described as a black man between ages 20 and 27.

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Harrison was shot at around 9:12 p.m. yesterday. An as-yet unidentified man was stabbed in the 1100 block of Market at 2:46 p.m., but died later in the day than Harrison.

Larry Lacy, just 20 years old, was shot to death on Turk near Taylor on Saturday afternoon. He was the first homicide victim of 2011.

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Charlie, I miss you so much I am barely coming to terms that I will not see again I am angry ,sad , and confuse to the fact that my little brother is gone (still crying) and after that I have been stuck and cant move on ,I tried to move else where (Oakland,sac) and my thoughts got worst I feel like where ever I go I am to far from my brothers (crying harder) I was to far from you, im sorry Charlie I wasn't there to protect you when you kept asking me to come home im sorry. I love you .from your only sister sharice harrison


Its been almost one year since they took away my husband my kids father and my best friend. I miss him so much, this hurt and this pain will never go away. but it will get better and it has gotten better because there is a god. Charles is living through his son and two daughters and his Grandkids. You can't kill the truth and that what he was living in a world that is built on lies. To those that participted in the murda of this man. pray for forgivness because carma is a mutha fucka. REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!! IT might not come back directly to you but it will come in a way thats going to make you feel like you were dead.  With that  "charlie charles" i love and miss you very much until we meet again. Your wife and kids!

Oneeye Lion
Oneeye Lion

Why are not the SFPD confiscating the "Video Surveillance Cameras" from the "Strip Club"? This Demonic Animalistic Possesses Mad Man of the street of SF in Custody. Before He Kills A "Cop"! My nephew need closer he is only a little over a year old and I am his voice! Charles has a babby coming next month my sister is hurting! Man you will pay and the day you in custody you look my newphew in the eye and explain why? You got to shoot somebody when they back turned! Coward! You Curesd Man do you have children a mama loved ones who care about your pathetic soul Charles did. I hope that one day they dont have to experince this pain you caused all us who loved and Charles. I bet that Strip Joint know a lot more and SFPD knows it to! You noy getting away with this dead or alive you not! You shed his blood for nothing power is in prayers brotha you better repent or eles!

Oneeye Lion
Oneeye Lion

All I have to say to the man who took away my nephew father is this.......repent....repent oor else "Vengeance Is Mine Said The Lord I Will Repay!" Charles Harrison blood will be asked back by God from your hands. You can run but you cant hide No! Not by the Almighty God who hands is it you will falll into! You Killed a Man and for what!!!!!! Who Made You God? You will Get Caught I will pray ever day that! Justice will be served. However the Greatest Joy That can Come From This is that you repent and maybe the Good Lord may show you mercy. MUR....DER.....AHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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