Ed Lee Called Out For Giving Progressives The Silent Treatment

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Ed Lee Gives The Silent Treatment
The progressives on the board of supervisors made it clear that they wanted to hold off on a vote that would make Ed Lee interim mayor until Friday so they could -- at the very least -  talk to the guy before making him chief executive

But Lee, who is reportedly in Hong Kong or maybe even Taiwan by now, is adding insult to injury -- he's not returning their calls.

"I've called him, I've e-mailed him and I've not heard back" said Supervisor John Avalos. "Does he know what's going on? Is he even aware that he has been nominated?"

Avalos said he has a few important questions for Lee -- like does he even want to serve as the mayor?

Last time Avalos talked to Lee, he said thanks, but no thanks to the job. 

"It doesn't make sense that someone who is on the verge of the most important political seat in San Francisco is not in contact with anyone," Avalos said. "It's unsettling."

Well, actually he has been in contact with at least one board member -- David Chiu. The last time he spoke with Lee was during Tuesday's meeting, sometime between Supervisor Bevan Dufty's call for a 20 minute recess and Supervisor Chris Daly's embarrassing temper tantrum.

Chiu apparently texted Lee, to give him a heads up. 

"He absolutely knows," Chiu said. "And he is ready to serve if asked to."

But progressives say if they haven't heard from Lee by Friday, they won't vote on interim mayor. Period.

That won't really matter, since Lee has the six votes anyway. 

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well this will bring back the good old days I guess where progressives just twist in the wind, and a few people hold all the real power. Well played, progressives. Well played

h. brown
h. brown

API's sweep?

Could have a Chinese-American mayor, D.A. and Board prez along with total of 4 supes.


agent 86
agent 86

This whole thing STINKS!

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