Armed Robbers Scare Themselves Off

Categories: Crime
A quartet of gun-toting robbers appear to have scared the bejesus out of themselves and fled from their would-be victim when they accidentally fired off a pistol.

The abortive robbery occurred at around 11:20 p.m. last night, when four young black men surrounded a 55-year-old Hispanic man at Gough and Rose. The victim claimed he felt a handgun pressed into his stomach, which subsequently "slipped off to the side," according to police. Moments later, "a loud bang" resonated throughout the area, and the robbers ran like hell.

Police spokesman Officer Eric Chiang said it's possible the suspects inadvertently fired off a gun -- though police were unable to find any broken cement or shell casings, and the victim didn't recall seeing a muzzle flash.

Nothing was stolen from the victim. In his case, the Big Bang is more than a theory. It's a saving grace.

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