Friend of a Police Officer Arrested on Suspicion of Attempted Rape

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You Can't Fake Out the Cops With This
A man who is friends with a local cop apparently thought that made him above the law.

San Francisco Police arrested a man who allegedly tried to rob and rape a woman in the Ingleside neighborhood. At about 3:17 p.m. on Monday, a woman came out of a store and saw a man sitting near the exit.

The woman said that she felt uncomfortable and decided to walk away from the suspect in a new direction. She then called her friend, who lived nearby. While she was on the phone with her friend, the suspect came up behind her and grabbed her, taking her to a secluded area.
What the man didn't know is that the victim's friend who was on the phone could see the incident happening from his window, according to police.

The suspect demanded money from the woman, who said she did not have any. The man then said he would rape her, but he was stopped when the woman's friend ran up. The suspect started to run and the friend ran after him.

The suspect then pulled out a gun, chambered a round, and pointed it at the friend's chest, saying "Now what?" The friend stopped and the suspect kept on running.

Police combed the area, and found a man who fit the description of the suspect. The suspect announced to the cops "It's fake!" referring to the gun. Police searched him and located a replica of a .40-caliber in his waistband.

The woman and her friend identified him as the suspect. Soon after, a Daly City cop identified him as his friend.

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Please stop referring to every crime that happens in the jurisdiction of the Ingleside Police Station as happening in Ingleside. (You did this with the high school flyer burning thing too.) This incident happened around Mission and 30th, which puts it in Bernal or Mission or any of a number of neighborhoods, but nowhere near the Ingleside neighborhood.


Mission and 30th is in the Ingleside "Police" District.

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