Yahoo Paying Your Shipping Bill At Polk Street UPS Store

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Yahoo has a surprise for you.
Here's a heartwarming announcement for this gray Monday morning: Yahoo is paying for the shipping of selected people at the Polk Street UPS store (at Washington Street) from now until 12:30 p.m. today. Hurry over there and send your Christmas presents pronto!

The cynics out there might think this is a mere marketing technique to buy your web browser loyalty from the Google behemoth. A compelling argument. Yet the company claims it's part of a pay-it-forward campaign of random acts of kindness called Yahoo How Good Grows. The idea is that a Yahoo rep paying for you to ship a package to your grandma will inspire you to then help an old lady cross the road, kiss a child, or pay the parking meter for the guy after you. Those people, in turn, will be inspired to do something else good, and soon, the whole world will join hands in song like the Whos in Whoville.

This seems to be just the beginning. A couple weeks ago, Yahoo reps were paying random people's grocery bills at Foods Co.

Who knows what act of beneficence will come next, but there's no time for questions. Just go over and ship something, dang it.

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