Nude Travelers No Problem For TSA

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Theodore Gericault
Hello Cleveland!
The TSA has taken a lot of heat recently from travelers peeved that the new body scans reveal their naked forms a bit too sharply. Well, that's not an issue for Rusty Mills, a San Francisco nudist from our recent cover story who is currently considering a "protest" of the scanners by going through the security line at San Francisco International Airport naked.

While the rest of the airport is considered the jurisdiction of San Francisco -- where nudity without "lewdness" is not treated as a crime -- the TSA line is considered a "federal footprint" -- and under federal jurisdiction. But it turns out the TSA doesn't mind if you walk around in the nude. An unnamed TSA spokesman said the TSA will not object: "Unless they're interfering with the screening procedure, it would not be an issue at the security checkpoint."

That's not to say other travelers will think the same.

Anyways, the spokesman said even a naked person would not be able to elude security  altogether. "All passengers will either go through the metal detector or the [scanner]. If a passenger is selected for the [scanner] and opts out, the passenger will receive a pat down. In the case of a naked person, a pat down may be unnecessary."

If you read our cover story, you'd know Mills probably wouldn't object. 

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