Transgender Woman Amber Yust Files Claim Against DMV Over Bible-Thumping Letter

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Amber Yust says she caught hell from the DMV...
SF Weekly readers may recall a charming story about a transgender woman getting a drivers license with her new female name at the San Francisco DMV -- and also getting a most unwelcome letter, purportedly from a DMV employee, telling her she was goin' to hell.

Funny thing about signing your name to a harassing letter -- you can get sued. And that's just what may happene. Amber Yust, the 23-year-old transgender woman in question, has taken the first step toward suing the DMV.

Yust's lawyer Christopher Dolan has filed a complaint with the California Victim Compensation And Government Claims Board, a necessary step towards filing a lawsuit.

Among the pearls of wisdom in the letter at question: "The homosexual act is an abomination that leads to hell."

Or the DMV.

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