Tom Ammiano: 'No Way, No How' I Want to Be Mayor

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Chris Roberts
Tom Ammiano took the Sherman -- he says he won't be our next mayor
In a move reminiscent of the crew members of the Bounty bellowing "Take us with you!" to the escaped-to-a-better-place Mr. Christian, progressive supervisors are imploring Assemblyman Tom Ammiano to enter the mayoral fray.

Just one problem. He doesn't want the job. And he doesn't care who's asking.

When SF Weekly queried "Is there no way, no how you'll be mayor?" Ammiano replied "Yeah, that's right. There's no way I want the job."

As of Sunday night, an online petition, started by Supervisor Chris Daly and co-signed by Supervisors John Avalos and Eric Mar, had garnered 99 signatures.

"San Francisco is again at a most important crossroads," it reads. "We need someone who can bring our City together to overcome the challenges that lay ahead. We need someone who loves San Francisco and all of our diversity. Now more than ever, we need experience, ingenuity, integrity, and compassion. Once again, we need Tom Ammiano."

Fletcher, take us with you!

It's sweet, agrees Ammiano. But he still isn't budging. "I'm very satisfied with my position here in Sacramento," he said.

As for who might be interested in becoming the city's interim mayor, Ammiano suspected new names might enter the field (Supervisor Bevan Dufty, for one, told SF Weekly he'd be thrilled to vote for progressive stalwart Sheriff Mike Hennessey).

"There are always surprises," said Ammiano. But will one of those surprises will not include the assemblyman changing his mind and becoming the city's mayor, right?

"That's correct," he says.

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