Supervisors Owe Public Better on Mayoral Selection

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Mission Accomplished!
Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors voted to not choose the next mayor. That's the second week in a row that happened. And it comes on the heels of a marathon public debate of how, exactly the supes would select that next mayor.

Settling on the process the supes have yet to use took many hours and was complex enough that, at one point, Supervisor Chris Daly uttered the following: "You can vote for the amendment to amend or you can go with the motion that amends the motion to amend." Of course, there's a far less complex method behind not choosing a mayor than choosing one: Just do nothing.

Perhaps it sounds a bit naive to say it in a city as poorly governed as San Francisco but, frankly, the supervisors owe the people more. Here's an question: If you're going to overwhelmingly vote to punt on the selection process -- and everyone knows it -- why slate that item 47th on the agenda?

And, once you get there, why have the hapless members of the public totter to the dais to hold forth for the better part of an hour about the mayoral selection when you have no intention of doing anything about it -- and you can't even make a pretense of listening to what is being said?

So, here's an idea. Make "Shall we kick the can down the road again?" Item 1. Vote yes, naturally. And everyone can then get on with their lives with a minimum of work time being wasted.

Incidentally, the supes will next meet on Jan. 4, which will be the current board's last chance to do nothing regarding mayoral succession. The task of doing nothing then falls upon the new board, which will be sworn in Jan. 8. If they do nothing, Board President David Chiu will become acting mayor.

If someone, at some point, does something -- we'll let you know.

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