eBay Scam? Specialized Bicycles Sues Over Allegedly Counterfeit Jerseys, Shorts.

Most Bogus, Dude
'Tis the season for -- allegations of piracy? Those $120 bike shorts you got under the tree may be knockoffs, according to a new lawsuit.

Morgan Hill's Specialized Bicycle Components has filed a complaint in San Francisco federal district court claiming that a man has been selling phony Specialized branded shorts and jerseys on eBay.

In the world of stealing things, there's an adage that says if you're going to swipe a car, take a Rolls, not a Datsun; the penalty's the same.

At first glance, pirating polyester jerseys and shorts may seem like a gross violation of the thieves' ethos. Shouldn't the alleged counterfeiter be selling bogus Gucci scarves? With the popularity of high-end cycling gear, however, cycling clothing has reached parity with luxury brands -- with cycling shoes typically costing more than $400 per pair, and shorts and jerseys in the $150 range. With that in mind, eBay's buzzyboy sales seems like a great place for bargains, with Specialized brand shorts and jerseys typically costing $35. One problem: Specialized says buzzyboy's goods have details different than those offered on the genuine article.

The owner of the eBay site uses a P.O. box in Utah. Using address databases we found no person by the owner's purported name living in the same town. According to lawsuit filings, a person using the same P.O. box, but different names, was sued in March on allegations he or she had been selling phony Bose audio gear.

Buyer beware -- even if you're buying a simple pair of polyester shorts.

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