'Tis the Season -- For Sewage Maladies: 1 Million Gallons Spill in Marin

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Yes, again
Sewage-Related Terrorism?

Yesterday we wrote about rain-induced sewage overflows befouling beaches South of San Francisco in San Mateo county. Now sewage is spewing into waters north of us, in Marin's Corte Madera Creek. Lots of sewage. And rain may have nothing to do with it.

Perhaps 1 million gallons of filth has emanated from Kentfield-area pipes clogged with rubble and other construction debris. Area water officials can't see any other explanations other than sabotage or work crews cutting corners and dumping detritus into manholes.

Around 740,000 gallons of sewage seeped into the creek Friday prior to a pipe abruptly bursting yesterday and adding to the foul situation. Crews are working to stem the filthy tide.

Sewage woes are not the domain of the Bay Area alone. This week, even the United Nations Security Council was overwhelmed by sewage, when odors from the East River forced an evacuation.

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