Anti-Rave Legislator Fiona Ma Coming To Rave Near You

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Fiona Ma taketh away, and Fiona Ma giveth.

The San Francisco Assemblywoman yesterday decided to nix her controversial "Anti-Raves Act of 2011." Area rave promoters may soon get something else, however: Fiona Ma.

Ma told SF Weekly she plans on attending a rave sometime in the near future to see for herself what all the trouble is. Quoting 911 first-responders she's talked to, she described a rave scene as "people walking around like zombies, sleeping all over, lying all over the floor, vomiting in the corners, vomiting in the bathrooms ... people lying in their own urine." So, just another Friday night in the Mission, then.

Ma said she had not "pulled the plug" on her bill, but was just tweaking it after input from "stakeholders." When asked why raves -- and only raves -- should be targeted for elimination, she noted that medical and law enforcement professionals she's spoken with have noted that only raves seem to carry with them the specific drug-related maladies and that the "kids coming in [to the emergency room] are getting younger and younger."

While ecstasy is indeed known as a rave drug, it warrants mentioning that the two drug overdose victims of this year's Pop the Music rave at the Cow Palace were 23- and 25-years old -- too young to die, but, sadly, hardly children.

While Ma feels it's within the power of the state to ban raves altogether, that's not what she envisions for her bill. Rather, it would just prohibit raves on state-owned land such as the Cow Palace, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, or, say, any state park.

Hypothetically, a rave promoter who'd be breaking the law by holding an event at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum could legally have a massive party at the Staples Center and be in the clear. City-owned land such as Golden Gate Park is not in play here, nor is Treasure Island. Breathe easy, San Francisco concert-goers.

When asked why, if raves were detrimental to the public, she didn't move to prohibit them altogether, Ma noted "that's not my goal.

"Right now, people are attending events on state-owned property and are dying and overdosing. It's also costing taxpayers from all the public resources that go into deaths and drug overdoses on state property."

Presumably, costs -- or damages -- stemming from overdoses and deaths on private property could be recouped by the public. 

Ma noted that, yes, feedback has been a bit severe -- lawyer Matt Kumin even said her bill was unconstitutional. But it's not all bad. She cites this this entry on the "Save the Rave" Facebook page:

so like I hella don't wanna rain on the celebration parade, but I mean... like seriously... the next kid that ODs at some candy gathering, this bills gonna go back in full effect & that OD will be the amo it needs to go through... I;m just sayin'.. not to be an asshole or anything... but especially to you promoters on here, I mean... there'll be candy kids, ravers, clubbers, newbies, 1st timers, etc..., all these people getting jacked up at your shindigs... I'm just sayin' look out for them, take care of them, give them a water bottle, especially if they can't afford it & you see that person like in some corner freakin' the fuck out or in a puddle w/ all these other etards giving him her vicks face rubs & tryin' to talk to them outta their funk 'cause I noticed that's why that seemed to be 1 of the leading causes of why some kid went to the hospital, 'cause they couldn't get a bottle of water when they were hella jacked up & it was just a matter of getting hydrated, take them outside for some air, take them aside & talk them outta their scared the fuck outta their wits dealie... this bill was primarily created for that reason 'cause of the irresponsibility of them party attendants & irresponsible promoters... I'm not tryin' to bag on y'all, for real, I'm just sayin' be safe so this shit don't come back 20 fold & bites our scene in the ass man!! Promoters, have some karama patrol people walin' around makin' sure people are safe, party kids, just be safe & know what you put in your body, PLEASE! OK... be good :n)

Yes, that would be stakeholder input. Finally, Ma is unsure which rave she should attend and whether she should go incognito in fitting attire. Suggestions from the general public -- stakeholders all of you -- are welcomed.

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