Will San Francisco Nudists Streak At SFO To Protest TSA Body Scans?

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Francisco Barradas
Get used to it, nude boy
Rusty Mills, one of the ringleaders in our recent cover feature on the San Francisco nudists, is plotting a possible new stunt: to go through the TSA security line at San Francisco International Airport in the buff to protest the invasive TSA scans.

Of course, he wouldn't be the first to undress in protest. We wrote about the attractive 31-year-old Sonoma County native Corinne Theile, who recently traipsed through airport security for Thanksgiving clad in only a bikini. Yet Mills is thinking of taking it a step further by having a group of nudists strip naked to get into the security line in time for the holidays.

"I wouldn't want to do it without there being more people. If I actually promoted it, I think we could get several people," Mills tells SF Weekly.

If you're aware of Mills' well-documented exhibitionism, you might guess this is less about protesting scans than getting attention for his ripped, naked bod.  But Mills says it would be an interesting experiment, since the airport, though located down the Peninsula, has a San Francisco address and is overseen by the San Francisco police. As you know by now, simply being nude in the city is not illegal. (Though it has gotten Mills detained a few times, before released.)

We'll get back to you on whether Mills will be going through with this -- as well as the airport's policy on exhibitionism. In the meantime, Mills is launching a new blog of the nudists who've named the park at the corner of Market and Castro for their own: The Buff Stop. As of today, the blog still has no content, but Mills promises there's nudist coverage (or lack thereof) to come.

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