Nudists Not Welcome On American Airlines

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SF Weekly has been uncovering the naked truth this week, discovering that San Francisco nudists will not face problems if they opt to walk through TSA inspections in the buff. As far as strolling, nude, through the terminal, San Francisco International Airport is under the jurisdiction of the city, despite being geographically located in San Mateo County. Good luck tooling around naked in San Bruno or Burlingame, but, as was revealed in our recent cover story, San Francisco law enforcement doesn't consider nudity sans lewd behavior to be a crime. Yesterday, the TSA told us that naked people are welcome in the security line -- and may even elude a pat-down.

Yet the fun stops at the airline's boarding gate. While San Francisco may be a nudist nirvana, airlines are private companies with their own policies -- and at least one industry giant has told us naked people are unwelcome in the Friendly Skies.

American Airlines spokesman Tim Smith responded to our query about going nude on flights with the following e-mail: "Not sure why you are asking, but if the message is correct, the answer is no. Our legal Conditions of Carriage, under the Acceptance of Passengers section does not specifically mention NO clothing, but the section highlighted certainly falls to that issue since such lack of clothing would cause discomfort or offend other passengers." 

C'mon, American Airlines, you mean a guy munching on airline peanuts with his own nuts on display might actually bother the lady next to him?

Smith went on to quote passages of company policy regarding the ejection of "disorderly, abusive or violent," passengers. Examples of such behavior include: you "are clothed in a manner that would cause offense or discomfort to other passengers." It also included being "barefoot." Though nudity is not explicitly stated, Smith tells us the airline can use its discretion, and nudity is grounded.

So there you have it. You won't be seeing any snakes on a plane.

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