Nudists Chicken Out On TSA Scan Protest

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No naked protest at the airport. Looks like everyone has to run...
You know how these things go. All talk, no action.

Rusty Mills planned, organized, researched, and recruited other nudists for his naked protest of the TSA airport scanners. But in the end, he didn't get enough volunteers, and has called it off. At least for now.

Mills wanted to get at least three others to join his protest in order to make it look like a light-hearted stunt than just a couple odd dudes who have an aversion to clothes. On his nudist Yahoo group, Mills was encouraged a lot of people across the country cheering him on in his effort to walk through security naked. But only George Davis, San Francisco's "naked yoga guy," would commit. Typical. Sadly, the local nudists' courage was rendered bare.

Loyal readers know we've been following Mills protest-that-wasn't for the last week. What have we learned? For one, the TSA has no problems with people going through security naked. It apparently just makes their lives easier. Two, the San Francisco police at the airport will only arrest naked people if someone volunteers to make a citizen's arrest. And three, though you can hypothetically walk through the airport in your birthday suit, you can't board an airplane in it.  

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