Newsom Baby No. 2: The 25 Worst/Least Likely Names

Gavin and Montana by Jim Herd.jpg
Jim Herd
This one's mine. Get your own.
It seems Mayor Gavin Newsom will soon have something else to distract him from elected office: Another kid on the way!

It's impossible to guess the naming propensities of a couple who saw fit to christen their first child "Montana." But we offered the 25 worst/least likely names for kid No. 1, so we're duty bound to do the same for kid No. 2.

25. Jerry
24. Abel
23. Bear
Lauren Smiley
Seriously, my man. What should I name the kiddo?
19. Bertha
18. T-Bone
17. Spud
16. Klaatu
15. Commodus
14. Brainy Smurf
13. Khalid Sheikh
12. Pogo
11. River
10. Ace
9. Mamie
8. Bobby McGee
7. Hannah (meaning the siblings would be Hannah and Montana)
6. Sam. Middle name: Francisco.
5. Wombat
4. Crosby
3. Stills
2. Nash
1. Wyoming

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