Can You Walk Down San Francisco Streets Toting Booze on New Year's?

As soon as Billy Dee pops the tab, the SFPD is entitled to swoop into action
The answer to that question: Yes. And no.

In a no-nonsense public statement issued Wednesday, the San Francisco Police Department announced a "zero-tolerance policy" regarding "public drinking and any other criminal activity." In that spirit, "containers of alcohol and fireworks will be confiscated."

Does this mean I can't tote my "containers of alcohol" to my home or vehicle without risking having them impounded by the cops?

The police were loath to say much before today's big New Year's press conference. But SF Weekly was told that by "containers of alcohol" the cops really mean "open containers of alcohol."

So if the SFPD purloins your sealed containers of booze during New Year's, you are officially entitled to complain.

Then go buy more.

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