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Mike Singletary is gone. But he is not forgotten. The linebacker-turned-coach combined the pugnacity of a fight promoter with the ebullience of a revivalist preacher -- and the winning percentage of Mike Nolan.

Here, then, are the five top quotes from the man whose time atop the 49ers will probably be best remembered for these quotes (and certainly not the team's quality of play).

5. "I believe in our country, in society, the saddest thing has happened. One thing that I want to teach our guys is to be men. If there's something that you have to say, go say it, and say that you said it. But don't go say a bunch of stuff, 'But don't tell him I said it.' To me, that's a rat, that's a coward, so those things I can't spend my time on. ..."I don't want to deal with a rat. I don't want to spend my time trying to find out who said this, who did that. ... I don't want to spend my time trying to find a rat. In time, the smell will come." You know, by the time you can smell rats, there's probably too many rats...

4. "We've set out to win the division. We're going to win the division, I promise you. Remember me when we do." We will. Whenever that comes.

3. "Don't base a man's entire career on a dad-gum Yahoo commercial!" Needs no additional commentary.

2. "..." Whatever was said when Singletary dropped his pants at halftime to express what was happening to his team during his inaugural game at the helm.

1. "Cannot play with them. Cannot coach with them. Cannot do it. I want winners! May you find them in your next occupation.

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