Bay to Breakers Still Lacks Key Sponsor -- Will It Find One?

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Joseph Schell
KGO doesn't get to put its name on this, apparently
Just a few minutes ago, KGO made the major announcement that it's sponsoring this year's Bay to Breakers, the annual footrace/drunken, costumed pilgrimage to the sea.

Does that mean the 100th B2B is under way? Not exactly. There's still no guarantee the race will occur.

Race spokesman Sam Singer noted that KGO is actually not the race's "key sponsor" -- no, the race will not be the "KGO Bay to Breakers." The search for a namesake goes on. And while race owner AEG has "every intent of running the race, with or without a key sponsor" come May 15, Singer notes "I can't guarantee anything."

When asked if the race's reputation as a bacchanal in running shoes has driven away any would-be key sponsors, Singer concedes "it hasn't helped."

B2B Hotties.jpg
Joseph Schell
Do you want to tell them there may not be a 100th Bay to Breakers?
Should the 100th B2B come to fruition, Singer says that floats and overt drinking will not be tolerated this year. Floats -- "alcohol delivery devices" will be barred, while police and security will either confiscate or pour out drinks. (Hmm. No matter what, the streets will be running with booze, it would seem).

If the race doesn't line up a major sponsor and still comes off, cleanup costs will be borne by AEG and its non-naming sponsors. They won't call it the KGO Detritus Pickup either, by the way.

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