Jacob Peter Schlildgen, 'Scarf Bandit' Busted: Suspected of Three Bank of America Heists

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San Francisco Police and the FBI are claiming that 43-year-old Jacob Peter Schildgren, arrested yesterday shortly after allegedly knocking over a Bank of America armed only with a "gray plastic bag,"  is the "Scarf Bandit" responsible for three BofA heists.

A teller says Schildgren walked into the Bank of America at 2310 Fillmore at around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, and put both of his elbows on the counter. His hand was wrapped in the aforementioned bag, which she feared was a firearm. When he said "This is a robbery," she placed her drawer of 50s, 20s, 10s, 5s and 1s into a sack and watched him walk out.

Police received an extensive description of Schildgen down to his "rubber-soled shoes." Those shoes turned out to be his getaway vehicle. He was picked up on foot in the vicinity of Geary and Laguna; also giving him away was the gray bag.

The SFPD and FBI dubbed Schildgen the "Scarf Bandit" for his fashion accessory of choice while allegedly robbing banks -- and claim he previously robbed a Bank of America in Laurel Heights and another on 30th and Noriega.

Per the FBI's wishes, a photo of Schildgen is not being released at this time. The amount of money he allegedly made off with has not yet been revealed either -- though one drawerful of bills is not likely a massive haul.

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Jacob Peter Schildgen has served his time for these crimes. As your own article notes Mr. Schildgen never used a weapon or strong arm tactics. He is completing his probation and has already been offered several jobs in the culinary industry he thrives in. Mr. Schildgen is not a sex offender and poses no danger to the community he loves This article is hurting this man not protecting the community. So why is this article still up there after so many years? Any prospective employer can easily check Mr. Schildgen's record without it. America believes in second chances and rehabilitation otherwise what would be the point of prison? Your article never even says that Mr. Schildgen was convicted of these crimes. Again, what is the point of your newspaper still having this posted? 

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