'Boring' Story: Google Pays $1 in Damages to Couple for Street View Transgressions

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To the victor go the spoils
Pennsylvania residents Aaron and Christine Boring -- yes, you may now chuckle at our headline -- have notched a somewhat ambiguous victory in their legal battle against Google's Street View function.

While the Mountain View-based company admitted that it trespassed on the couple's property near Pittsburgh to end the lawsuit, the federal magistrate judge hearing the case awarded the Borings only $1 in damages.

The Borings' lawyer, Gregg Zegarelli, told the Associated Press that his clients believe they have won a moral victory, albeit not a financial one.

"This is about right and wrong," he said. "Maybe my client and I are hopeless romantics, but I suppose some people said the same thing in 1950 about a male executive calling female staff 'sweetie/honey,' or African Americans just sitting a few seats farther in the back of the bus."

Google opted for a lighter rhetorical touch in its statement to the AP: "We are pleased that this lawsuit has finally ended with plaintiffs' acknowledgment that they are entitled to only $1."

The Borings originally filed suit in 2008, saying the images of their property on Street View could only have been obtained by trespassing.

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