Giants' Run-Scoring -- Or Lack Thereof -- Benefits Schools

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You don't need runs to win...
The San Francisco Giants -- a team whose inability to score runs lead to the popular comparison of the squad's play to torture -- improbably managed to win the World Series. That said, establishing an educational fund based on how many runs this team scored -- that, too, has a whiff of torture.

And yet, 29 Bay Area schools will benefit to the tune of some $85,000. Good news. But, it warrants mentioning, the Giants ranked as the 17th-most prolific run-scoring team in baseball this year -- in the bottom half of the 30-team league.

San Francisco scored 697 runs during the 2010 regular season, roughly 4.3 per game. That's a far cry from the New York Yankees' top mark of 859 runs (5.3 per game).

Of course, the important mark for the Giants was the tally of runs surrendered. The team surrendered 546 earned runs this year and sported an Earned-Run Average of 3.36 -- both lowest in all of baseball.

In the future, perhaps Bay Area students could benefit from donations incentivized not by how many runs the Giants score but how many the team's opponents don't. Or, who knows -- maybe a lump sum based on World Series wins?

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