Fired Santa John Toomey Does Jay Leno -- Parade Today Past Macy's

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Did John Toomey hand-deliver a lump of coal from a Mr. O'Brien?
John Toomey, the fired 20-year Macy's Santa, would never have gone on The Tonight Show if he hadn't told a bad joke. Same with Jay Leno, right?

Toomey, dressed in full St. Nick regalia, appeared during the show's monologue last night. He informed Leno he was no longer permitted to say "ho, ho, ho" -- now it's "working girl, working girl, working girl." He also noted he's not giving out any Macy's gift certificates. To be honest, Toomey delivered his lines exceedingly competently, but to limited laughter. But, hey, those people waited in line to see Jay Leno.

Meanwhile, today, a 3 p.m. parade of Luxor cab drivers motoring antique fire engines in support of Toomey will roll right past Macy's and head to the Santa's new workshop -- Lefty O'Doul's.

Toomey will work his first day at the 333 Geary Street lounge and restaurant, assisting in a toy drive. He tells SF Weekly his salary has been doubled and he can now tell any joke he wants.

"It's not the first job I've been fired from and it probably won't be the last," Toomey says of Macy's. Ho, ho, ho indeed.

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