Christmas Forecast: Wind, Rain -- Thunder?

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Merry Christmas, indeed...
As San Francisco empties out and its residents head "home" to places that possibly feature traditional Christmas weather, the hangers-on will cope with a different sort of holiday climate. The weather prediction for Dec. 25: breezy, rainy, cold -- but not cold enough to complain about -- with the possibility of a thunderstorm.

Larry Smith, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service stationed in Monterey, points to a low-pressure system knocking on the Bay Area's door by tomorrow night and coming down our chimneys by Christmas morning. Some wind and possible rain on Christmas Eve will lead to locales "definitely seeing precipitation early Christmas morning and all through Christmas Day."

Well, there are upsides to rain.

Expect it to be around 54 degrees on the 25th. And we may yet get a Christmas spectacle of a thunderstorm just off San Francisco over the ocean, though Smith notes this is a somewhat remote possibility.

Whether one sees a possible storm as naughty or nice depends upon one's feelings regarding thunder.

Finally, in case you were wondering, San Francisco received 2.95 inches of rain during the recent deluge.

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