Candy Thefts Subside at Besieged City Cafe

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Coolio! He was available!
After months of brazen, near-daily candy thefts by the same group of sugar-craving miscreants, the staff at the City Cafe is enjoying a relatively crime-free week.

Workers at the City College eatery told SF Weekly that, last week, they were finally mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. For the first time, they hopped the counter and attempted to chase down the men they say have been purloining their goods at will. They also called the cops for the first time. Counterman Chris Lloyd thinks the direct action has paid off.

The usual suspects haven't returned. Instead, a fainter-hearted class of candy thief has hit the cafe. Staff yelled at them and they ashamedly turned over the cash.

"We caught them and said 'Hey! You didn't pay for that!'" says Lloyd. "For the most part, if we catch people it's an embarrassing moment and, 'shit, here's your money.'"

Lloyd and other workers are keeping an eye out for the now-scarce serial candy thieves. The hundreds of dollars worth of M&Ms the scofflaws made off with were sweet -- but busting them once and for all would be sweeter.

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