Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck Heading to San Francisco Dec. 15 -- to Pay Up

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Arlington Mayor Dr. Robert Cluck is on his way
For San Francisco, Dec. 15 is payday. Dr. Robert Cluck, the vanquished mayor of Arlington, Texas, will be heading into the city to make good on the World Series bet he made with Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Cluck will be helping Newsom oversee a Junior Giants ballgame. He'll also be bedecked in a Giants jersey at the time, per the agreement. Cluck's executive assistant, Angie Summers, earlier told us he'll require an extra-large. Cluck is easily 6-foot-2, and "not overweight, but a big person."

The Texas Rangers' hometown mayor's appearance is coinciding with the World Series trophy being exhibited at City Hall. Summers says Cluck will be flying into San Francisco early on the morning of Dec. 15, and flying back out late that afternoon.

As SF Weekly noted earlier, Cluck is now 0-for-2 on sports bets. He earlier was made to wear a Washington Redskins cap all day.

He was robbed of his chance to lord it over New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg in a sports bet because New York City apparently does not do sports bets.

In addition to whatever activities the city of San Francisco has planned for Cluck, we were told he'd get a chance to "speak to y'all." Can't wait.

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