America's Cup: Supervisors Unanimously Adopt Hosting Bid

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San Francisco has finalized its bid for the America's Cup. Is it enough to win the battle?
By an 11-0 vote, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopted the so-called "Northern Waterfront Alternative" bid to host the America's Cup -- a deal race officials over the weekend deemed insufficient. The ball, it would seem, is back in the race organizers' court -- to mix a sporting metaphor.

The city's official bid, as just approved by the supes, will offer long-term development rights on Piers 30 and 32, Seawall Lot 330 and the option to spend $25 million for Piers 26 and 28. Off the table is the coveted Pier 50, adjacent to AT&T Park. A Budget Analyst's study claimed that moving the Port of San Francisco maintenance yard and a number of tenants off the pier would be exorbitant -- a loss of $58 million in the short term as opposed to $12 million under the just-approved plan (money the budget analyst thinks the city will make back over the course of many decades).

Daly felt that the race organizers' obsession with Pier 50 had more to do with yachting billionaire Larry Ellison erecting a waterfront arena than anything to do with staging a regatta.

It remains to be seen how serious race organizers were when they deemed the offer that is now San Francisco's official bid to be inadequate. It also remains to be seen whether they can get a sweeter deal from Dubai, Newport, R.I., or anywhere else.

"Ellison can do whatever the fuck he wants," Daly told SF Weekly this week. "If he really likes the America's Cup, if he wants to do it on a world-class stage, he'll do it here. If he just wants to be an asshole, he'll pack it up and move somewhere else. But I hear he's an even bigger asshole than I am."

Should San Francisco win the bid -- and should Ellison's team win the cup -- perhaps Daly's statement can be put to the test. During today's meeting, Daly jokingly added an amendment to the city's bid that he be allowed to borrow the America's Cup because "I need a cup to drink out of."

That joke bombed. But the deal the city was pushing forward moved on with a round of applause.

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