World Series: Giants' Political Power

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Richard Haick
A big win for the Giants -- and Gavin?
The Bay Citizen had an interesting piece today about how the San Francisco Giants' thrilling World Series victory could boost Democrats' chances in today's election. We're not so sure about the repeated shots of George W. Bush's futile attempts to root on his Rangers leading to a blue stampede among the nation's voters. But the notion that positive vibes about San Francisco will help Mayor Gavin Newsom in his quest to finally get out of San Francisco politics -- that sounds about right.

If Newsom has ever been sincere about anything, it's his love for the Giants. A former talented ballplayer and local guy, we take Newsom at his word when he professes his fandom. The bend on his cap is authentic. He's a fan. Still, it makes sense that there had to be something more behind his glee.

Should Newsom triumph in the race for lieutenant governor, it will set off a struggle for his vacant seat that'll make the Cliff Lee sweepstakes look like a church basement bingo outing.

Supervisors David Campos, David Chiu, and Ross Mirkarimi all would like to occupy Room 200. Rooting for the Giants won't win them any points among colleagues entrusted with naming Newsom's successor. Guess they must just love baseball. Mirkarimi, on the right, seems particularly enthused with the home team's play in this Civic Center Plaza shot.

Francisco Barradas
Supes Campos, Chiu, and Mirkarimi (and an unknown dude eyeing the photographer) take in the ninth inning

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