Women Standing Up To Pee In a Restroom Near You (VIDEO)

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Go for it, girl!
While walking by newspaper stands in the Castro the other day, we spotted a promotional postcard featuring two smiling ladies standing in front of urinals. Yes, our attention was piqued. But this wasn't mere pornography -- it was marketing. The transcendent notion being pedaled: Stand2Pee.com.

Apparently, demand exists to market to a growing number of ladies learning to cross this final gender frontier, sick of the nasty seats in public restrooms or squatting out in the wilderness. It turns out the company teaching this skill is based right here in the Bay Area. We ran a short piece on the phenomenon in today's print edition of SF Weekly. But only web readers can check out this teaser for the standing and peeing instructional video created this last summer by recent U.C. Berkeley grad and company spokeswoman Stacy Kwan:

By far the best part of this preview is the view of the grotesque SHENIS (around the 30 second mark), a giant cock-shaped funnel currently on the market to help women with the task (Ed.: Looks just like "The Doomsday Machine" from Star Trek).

Well, you won't be needing that anymore. After watching the instructional video we've learned women have all sorts of capabilities that you wouldn't have thought anatomically possible. That includes the ability to shoot, on average, a full three feet. 

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