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In which we determine what discerning readers are reading elsewhere and save you the trouble of going there by showcasing it here.

Curbed SF: What do you get for pouring $733 grand into a San Francisco house already valued at $865,000 and then putting it back on the market a scant six months later? You get this.

SFGate: Not only did the Transportation Safety Authority make the tactical error of patting down a 3-year-old traumatized at having to put her teddy bear through the X-Ray machine. They did all of the above to the daughter of a TV reporter.
KTVU: Sure, super-duper rich people involved in the hyper-competitive world of sports tend to answer your questions straightforwardly. Happens all the time! Check out KTVU's interview with the Golden State Warriors' new owners.

Gizmodo: We can has naked body-scanner photos!

Bay Citizen: Genentech is a cutting-edge place -- but the folks they may soon lay off will still be packing their crap in low-tech cardboard boxes.

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