The Machine Meets The Terminator

Wilson and Arnold.jpg
In which the Governator asks Brian Wilson to be on his Brain Trust
We noted earlier that even Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger -- who grew up in an era before baseball expanded past the Mississippi (and to Austria) -- is hip to "The Machine."

Schwarzenegger is also our favorite political user of Twitpics. Any photograph featuring Arnold is decidedly surreal -- and the captions are often utterly hilarious (especially when read aloud in an Arnold voice). So, without further ado, here's your two-term governor and a bemused Brian Wilson from Schwarzenegger's Twitter feed.

Actually, there are numerous wonderful shots in Schwarzenegger's trove:

Here's a shot of Arnold explaining the state budget to his chocolate lab, Gustav. From this we find out that the governor enjoys using dogs as humorous props. And he has a dog named Gustav.

Gustav and Arnold.jpg

Arnold actually bought this sweatshirt.

Arnold Sweatshirt.jpg

Arnold hobnobs with FDR and fellow cigar aficionado, Winston Churchill.

Arnold, FDR, Winston.jpg

And, finally, Moscow subway commuters were in for a treat not long ago...

Arnold Moscow subway.jpg

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