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So, people want to read about the dog...
People do visit other websites. We know this. Here's what they're reading there.

San Francisco Examiner: An older man stabbed a teenager in Golden Gate Park Tuesday, proving you're never too old to do something really stupid. This article also, conveniently, runs down every last terrible thing that happened in Golden Gate Park this year, from bodies being discovered to vicious dogs roaming about biting people. Not mentioned: The brown acid really clogs you up, if you know what we mean.

SF Gate: Correspondent Jeff Yang's dog bites someone. Seriously, this is the most-read story on the Chronicle's website.

TechCrunch: "This is seriously the best Mark Zuckerberg interview" they've ever seen. Really? We preferred the one where he unleashed a vat of sweat, forcing him to disrobe -- revealing the James Bond Villain Kung-Fu Army insignia within his hoodie. 

KTVU: Video of cop pulling a gun on unruly U.C. San Francisco crowd is making the rounds.

Bay Citizen: An explanation of how Trish Bascom, former San Francisco Unified School District exec, managed to allegedly line her pockets for years.

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