Supes Races Too Close to Call

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Four supes-to-be will be 'crowned' on Friday, leading to a memorable weekend. Their identities are not so clear.
It's going to be a hell of a weekend for a quartet of San Franciscans. While the vast majority of San Francisco votes have been counted, late absentees and others will keep the city from declaring preliminary winners until Friday. Until then, candidates in Districts 2, 6, 8, and 10 will be climbing the walls. Carmen Chu, running unopposed in District 4, can officially go out and have an extra cocktail tonight. She's earned it.

Here's how things stand at the moment: In District 2, Janet Reilly, endorsed by nearly every elected mortal in the realm, holds 41.75 percent of the vote. Mark Farrell, whose supporters are all too happy to remind anyone who'll listen that Reilly is also supported by -- gasp! -- Chris Daly and Aaron Peskin, has 39.02 percent of the votes. That's only a margin of 393 votes, by the way.

Ranked-choice voting -- which is officially administered by a druid, a sentient supercomputer, or the Department of Elections depending on whom you believe -- could quickly obliterate that infinitesimal difference.

In District 6, Jane Kim is leading an almost equally tight race. She has 31.34 percent of the vote, just 400 votes and change ahead of Debra Walker (27.79 percent). It will be intriguing to see how the ranked-choice votes from Theresa Sparks supporters change things. Sparks picked up not quite 17 percent of the vote.

Scott Wiener has what could pass for a big lead in this company. The D-8 frontrunner has 41.66 percent of the vote, 1,100 tallies ahead of Rafael Mandelman (36.37 percent). Rebecca Prozan trails with just under 17 percent of the vote. Someday a female candidate may win District 8. Not this week.

Finally, the results in District 10 will only be properly appreciated if we just print the full list of every last candidate who ran and how many votes he or she received. It somewhat boggles the mind that, in San Francisco, a city with a $6.5 billion budget, you can garner 1,200 votes and become a powerful mover-and-shaker. Consider your mind somewhat boggled:


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