San Franscisco Voting: All Leaders Expand Margins

Earlier today, city election chief John Arntz told us that today's most recent round of ranked-choice voting tabulations determine "nothing."

Fair enough. But it's better to win than to lose, and it's better to be ahead than behind. You can bet that all the politicos involved and their supporters are climbing the walls to learn the results below. Well, here you go.

In District 2, Mark Farrell maintains a microscopic lead of just over 200 votes over Janet Reilly.

In District 6, Jane Kim is 1,200 votes ahead of Debra Walker and has more than 54 percent of the vote. It'd take some manner of electoral Chanukah miracle or Chicago-style political trick to alter this race.

In District 8, Scott Wiener has nearly 56 percent of the vote and his lead over Rafael Mandelman only grows larger and larger. Will Wiener develop into the "moderate Aaron Peskin" as his backers have hoped? Looks like we'll get to find out.

And in District 10, Malia Cohen continues to hold a 200-odd vote lead over Tony Kelly.

All four front-runners -- Farrell, Kim, Wiener, and Cohen -- expanded their leads. Could Farrell and Cohen still lose? Sure. But, again, it's better to be ahead than behind.

"The only time I predict results is when we have the final ones in hand," Arntz says. "It's going to take us the full 28 days" to certify this election.

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