Wanna Resist Arrest? There's an App for That.

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Shoulda read the section on nautical D.U.I.'s

We know, we know. Not-so-clever variations on the "app for that" phrase long ago jumped the shark. But please, read on -- someday this blog post might save you from getting arrested.

How else, after all, would you know that Florida criminal defense lawyer Ralph Behr has launched an app for the iPhone and Android that gives you instant advice on rebuffing aggressive cops? Called "Say No to Police," the app provides quick reference to aspects of criminal law that could prove useful for those who want to know and protect their civil rights.

Priced at $9.99 in the iPhone store, the app provides reference to the law through various questions selected by users. Examples include "Can I get a D.U.I. on a boat?" and "Can my boss listen to my phone calls?" (Bad news: The answer to both is "yes.")

So next time you think about going all vigilante and standing up to the man, Snitch reader, you might consider consulting your portable electronic device for some legal counsel. And remember: It's not a crime to refuse to provide information. Except to your friendly neighborhood reporter.

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