Puppies! Kitties! Macy's Pet Adoption Display Is Here.

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Chihuahua SPCA Macys.jpg
What kind of cold-hearted bastard are you? Adopt him!
People who love doggies and kitties -- and love adopting them, hint, hint -- can now fawn over the Macy's SPCA Adoption display.

The pet-to-be display was unveiled on Friday at Union Square and will run until Jan. 2. A goal has been set to adopt out 320 animals by that time.

You wanna adopt a creature? Visit here. And, yes, here are some more photos of adorable animals.

Cat handshake SPCA.jpg
Pleased to meet you. Won't you guess my name?
Black and white dog SPCA.jpg
How much is that doggy in the window? Not much!
Black and white cat SPCA.jpg
Seriously, this is a good-looking cat!
Orange Cat SPCA.jpg
More cats...
Two Cats SPCA.jpg
Lots more cats

Adopt an animal -- see here.

All photos   |   Jennifer Jamieson Photography and Sweethardt Photography

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