San Francisco Opera Casting Call for 'Big and Strong' Men for Mystery Show

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Looks like opera material to us...
Earlier today, my colleague Ian Port spotted a decidedly not-Figaro opera casting call seeking musclebound galoots with expertise in "push-ups, pull-ups, body strength, endurance, hand-over-hand, staged combat and full body control."

Placido Domingo need not apply, apparently.

Wondering what show might feature 10 big dudes, we phoned the San Francisco Opera. They didn't exactly sing for us, but we did get some answers.

Our source wouldn't spill the exact show title -- next year's schedule won't be announced until January. But they did confirm that the opera calling for a minyan of musclemen is penned by Christopher Theofanidis and is set in the present day.

The lucky men -- standing 5-foot-11 to 6-foot-2, please -- who earn a spot in show business at the Dec. 4 audition will be awarded eight-week union contracts. Per the opera: 

You don't need to be a Navy Seal, but we're looking for something close. This opportunity is the chance of a lifetime for ten talented men who will have the chance to show off their physical prowess to a crowd of thousands and to work alongside some of the most prominent names in opera and theater.

You can read the full casting call bulletin here: Opera wants muscle men.doc

Of course, skinny men with an ability to do chin-ups and beat the crap out of others are not preempted. While our source confirmed that the opera has its eye on "big and strong" guys, those with a Tim Lincecum build may yet find their way onstage. "If you can do 50 pushups, that's great. We don't want to say we're going to turn away anyone who's wiry, because that's not the case."

And if you can throw a ball 95 mph -- that's great, too.

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