Muni Delays Greet Predictions of Better Service

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William Poor
A May Muni malfunction forced riders to walk out of the Metro Tunnel
Late last month, we reported how a systemwide morning Muni failure was due to an 11-year-old computer conking out.

Today, the Examiner notes that a spate of slow Muni journeys are due to software and hardware problems -- computer errors, parts slicing cables in half, unfortunate employees cutting power to the entire system. That sort of thing. And, Muni higher-ups note, things should be getting better and better.

Sadly, it's time for Muni execs to do their best impersonation of Han Solo or Lando Calrissian bemoaning the Millennium Falcon's ever-malfunctioning hyperdrive ("They told me they fixed it!" "It's not my fault!"). Once again, Muni trains were lined as far as the eye could see this morning, and moving at the speed of a snail with a hangover.

Muni walkout.jpg
William Poor
This May mishap was caused by a train's overhead antenna -- a "pantograph" -- damaging the Metro Tunnel's wire
Our calls to Muni to determine what was responsible for this morning's hangups have not yet been returned.

Until that glorious day when Muni works perfectly, the standard instructions remain the same: Bring a magazine. And look on the bright side. If ever you were going to meet your soulmate on a train, spending more time on trains puts the odds considerably more in your favor.

Update, 12:40 p.m.: Muni sends along the following explanation for this morning's glories:

Starting at 7:07 a.m., a switch problem inbound in the subway where N and J lines enter (second busiest switch in the Metro system) affected inbound and outbound Metro service. As of approximately 8:50 a.m., it appears that the problem has been resolved; however, crews will continue to monitor. After the end of service today, crews will inspect further. Muni bus shuttles operated on Market between Church/Duboce and downtown through the morning rush.
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