Leland Yee's Mayoral Announcement Covered By Media Dogpile

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Leland Yee scrum 01.jpg
Jim Herd
Leland! Leland! Over here! Over here!
Proving once again that you can get media coverage if you tell them where to show up and when, Sen. Leland Yee was this morning documented signing a few papers at the Department of Elections by an absolute scrum of reporters.

No disrespect to Yee -- he's managed to get himself elected supervisor, assemblyman, and senator in this town. But, still, it's a bit odd for a guy who's made his mayoral ambitions so evident to be greeted with a throng of media like this. This harks to the opening scenes of A Hard Day's Night -- was he giving away food?

No. No, he was not. Good thing: Had Yee opted to hand out cupcakes or hot wings, the Department of Elections would have been transformed into the Black Hole of Calcutta. Reporters' lives were saved; out-of-work journalists will have to keep freelancing.

Leland Yee scrum 02.jpg
Jim Herd
He's got his pen out! Take the photo! Hurry, dammit!
"He showed up on time," said man-on-the-scene Jim Herd, whose photographs grace this article. This, by the way, would be a marked difference in behavior from San Francisco's current mayor. "It was just a big old scrum. I wasn't able to hear, really."

Don't worry. We didn't miss anything.

Here's your story: Leland Yee signed some papers to potentially run for mayor. He's been documented from every possible angle and managed to address notebook- and microphone-wielding reporters without gravely offending major swaths of the city.

Incidentally, Yee is the 15th candidate to take out papers in hopes of being our next mayor. Perhaps he and candidate Harold Miller can talk about Miller's platform of teaching Asian people to look blacks in the eye.

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