KPFA Axes Its Morning Show, Drama Ensues

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Time for more controversey at KPFA...
Any Berkeley journalist comes to dread two assignments: the school board and KPFA.

It's difficult to cover any of the myriad twists and turns of KPFA and Pacifica Radio's salvos at one another without tumbling down the rabbit hole and tracing everything back to the time someone in management threw his huarache at a union broadcaster in 1972. But we'll do our best.

The Pacifica Network yesterday followed through on threats of pending layoffs and dispatched the hosts of its popular Morning Show. If you believe management, this was due to budgetary problems. If you believe the sacked hosts, their show brought in more money than it spent, and this was political retribution over a longstanding labor dispute.

As capably documented by The Bay Citizen, this led to the surreal situation of fired broadcasters Aimee Allison and Brian Edwards-Tiekert broadcasting from an alternative studio on KPFA's third floor while Pacifica boss Arlene Engelhardt defended her move to send the broadcasters packing from the main studio below.

Best to the departed broadcasters. And, note to management: If you could engineer radio like this more often, people would tune in to listen in droves.

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