Kamala Harris Wins Attorney General Race as Steve Cooley Concedes

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Tyra Banks' AG of choice, Kamala Harris, is the big winner
Say what you will about Steve Cooley, but the man can do math. The Republican candidate for attorney general would have had to beat Kamala Harris by insane margins among uncounted ballots in Harris-leaning counties. Not going to happen -- and, today, he threw in the towel.

Cooley had claimed victory on election night. It wasn't exactly a Dewey Defeats Truman moment -- but it was, obviously, ill-advised.

Harris' ascent to statewide office sets off yet another round of San Francisco political musical chairs.

Should she serve out her term as San Francisco's district attorney, her replacement would be named by whichever mayor succeeds Gavin Newsom. If she were to resign before her January swearing-in, however, Newsom would be the one to choose her successor.

Our messages to Harris' camp querying whether she is committed to serving out her term as DA have not yet been returned.

Those interested in the post include Assistant DA Paul Henderson, Police Commissioner and law prof David Onek and ... did we hear David Chiu's music?

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