Jean Quan: 'Plum Purple Is My Color'

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Jean Quan loves the color purple...
Last week we noticed that Oakland Mayor-to-be Jean Quan seemed to be wearing the same purple suit in just about every photograph. Is this her lucky suit? Or is purple just her thing? The answer: Yes.

Quan confirmed to SF Weekly that "plum purple is my color." But she isn't wearing the same suit in every photograph. She has three or four plum purple suits.

That being said, Quan is attempting to branch out -- and do it in a local fashion. "I'm actually making a point of trying to find some Oakland designers," she says. "When you're a politician, you have to wear a lot of suits. And my daughter says my clothing is way too boring."

While her purple-and-gold scarf is "one of my cherished scarves" -- and does go well with a plum purple ensemble -- Quan is hoping to expand her horizons. Fittingly for Oakland, she's going green.

"I like Oakland A's green," she says. That'd be forest green for non-sports fans (though, when Charlie Finley first revamped the team's color palate, it was noxious kelly green).

No one knows what to expect from Jean Quan's pending term atop Oakland, but this much seems safe: Expect more green outerwear!
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