Our Ideas for the New Golden Gate Park App

Parks hold other wonders besides waterfowl
The California Academy of Sciences has just launched a new app that serves as a guide to Golden Gate Park, according to richmondsfblog.com. The app offers a few different functions, including a "field guide" to the park's flora and fauna; a map; an "adventures" feature that leads visitors on tours; and a "sightings" function that allows you to tell others where you've spotted something nifty, such as a special plant or animal.

As frequent visitors to and admirers of Golden Gate Park, we've seen some strange and interesting things. Some of them are so common that they might deserve to be automated entries in the app's "sightings" feature, or have their own icons on the digital map. For instance -- and we admittedly don't know how you would depict this with a simple visual -- there has to be an icon for a homeless man resembling Gandalf screaming wildly at a sprinkler head.

For that matter, we need some easy way to signify drum circles, insane dog owners, syringes, people shitting in public, and drunk Marina kids playing kickball. These are all things that every citizen of a Western democracy has a right to avoid. However, there could also be features and/or icons in the app that guide you to things you are seeking, such as fire-juggling, hot people playing volleyball, or kids selling bad weed on Hippie Hill.

And ducks. Ducks are wonderful. But we're guessing there's already some part of the app that's got them covered.

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