'God Hates Fags' Westboro Baptist Church Brings its Insanity to San Bruno

Good Lord. What now?
The Westboro Baptist Church took a break from picketing military funerals -- churchmembers believe the soldiers' deaths were God's will, as our nation coddles homosexuals. Yesterday, the church, almost entirely composed of members of the Phelps clan, protested at San Bruno's Capuchino High School and YouTube headquarters.

The message: Is it even worth trying to determine the warped thought process of the Westboro looney-tunes? If we must: The San Bruno PG&E gas explosion was, evidently God's will. And something about fags. And YouTube refuses to let them post their videos (at last, an actual logical target -- with nothing to do with God or fags or the tooth fairy).

A suit filed by a bereaved military father against the Kansas-based cult claiming the church ruined his son's funeral has reached the Supreme Court -- and figures to be a delicate First Amendment case.

The Westboro Baptist Church, which often comes across as a parody of itself due to its bizarre choice of targets, was recently in San Francisco to protest Jews -- in general -- and and a Broadway musical featuring schmaltzy depictions of Jews -- yes, that'd be Fiddler on the Roof.

Good God! Why protest Fiddler on the Roof? Why? Tradition!

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