Giants to Update Stadium Championship List 'Any Day Now'

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We know what's coming next...
When your humble narrator first began attending baseball games at Candlestick Park, the sign outside the stadium told you everything you needed to know about the San Francisco Giants' place in this city.

After you stopped off at Piccolo Pete's, walked under the fetid overpass, climbed through the two parking lots, and reached the stadium, you were greeted with a large sign by the stadium parking lot: "WELCOME TO CANDLESTICK PARK. HOME OF SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS, SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS 1981 AND 1985." In a small corner of the sign was the following afterthought: "HOME OF S.F. GIANTS."

Things have changed. SF Weekly has learned that, later this week, the Giants will be adding the 2010 to the list of championship years decorating the exterior of AT&T Park.

So, the photo adorning this article may end up being one of the last ever taken of the team's honor roll sans a San Francisco Giants world title. Here's our (bad) artistic rendering of what we'll all soon be gazing at as we enter the ballpark:


Ha. It never gets old.

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