S.F. Bookstore Offers Profits from George W. Bush's 'Decision Points' to Veteran's Hospital

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This book is now officially good for something
You likely won't be forced to buy George W. Bush's literary attempt, Decision Points. When it comes to investing in presidential apologia, you are the decider.

But if, for some undetermined reason, you needed, really needed, to buy W's tome -- you could do worse than shelling out the $35 at Green Apple Books. The Richmond District institution has deemed that 100 percent of the profit on every copy it sells of Decision Points will go to the nearby San Francisco VA Hospital.

Store co-owner Kevin Ryan says this is not the first time they've donated the profits of a book San Franciscans probably aren't queuing up to obtain. Last year, all the proceeds from Sarah Palin's Going Rogue were sent to the Alaska Wildlife Alliance.

"We ended up selling like 10 or 12 copies," says Ryan. "That's eight or 10 more than we would have sold."

Similarly, Ryan has only ordered around a dozen copies of W's book. At $14 of profit a book, that's a maximum of $168 for the VA -- unless, of course, legions of right-wing devotees storm the bookstore and demand a re-order. But even if Bush polls as poorly in Green Apple as he did in San Francisco in general, Ryan confirms he'd be embarrassed to send the hospital a check for 14 bucks. "I'm sure we'll round it up to the nearest 50 or 100 bucks."

The bookshop owner sees this as the perfect way to "make a political statement about a book but still offer it to customers.

"Every bookstore has the right to not sell a book," he continues. "But that's not us."

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