Gavin Newsom's SUV Parked By Fire Hydrant Outside Tennis Club

Back when Gavin Newsom's failed gubernatorial campaign was in its infancy, they mayor was caught on tape in a Los Angeles strategy session. He was also caught parking his behemoth SUV in the red zone.

Newsom's political weathervane has blown about -- currently, he's doing great -- but his penchant for depositing a massive car in illegal parking spaces has been constant. Yes, that is the mayor's SUV parked across not one but two handicapped ramps in his old Russian Hill digs. Did he park the car legally when it was driven to Montana for his nuptials? Kinda beside the point, no?

And, yes, the snapshot accompanying this story is Newsom's Hybrid Chevy Tahoe parked in front a fire hydrant in a red zone while the mayor smacked the ball around within the San Francisco Tennis Club. 

Club staff confirmed the mayor is a member and he was in this morning.

And yet, per the city's Municipal Transportation Authority, nothing is wrong with this picture. Of course, parking in a red zone or in front of a fire hydrant is a tow-away offense. But Newsom's vehicle had not one but two men still sitting in the front seats -- meaning, in the eyes of the city, it was not "parked."

That's the explanation we got the last time we queried about this issue. Our calls to the MTA today have not yet been returned.

Make your own "what a racket" joke here.

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